Sex Bracelets


Prayer Beads Made of Porn


Much of my recent work deals with sexuality and self-love. Thinking about how my broader themes and work could impact someone’s day to day life, I came up with paper beads made of pornographic magazines. These magazines are saturated with sexual energy, weather that energy is positive or negative has to do with many things, but by cutting these magazines down (effectively destroying the potentially offensive imagery) and making them into a new object we maintain the base energy while changing the meaning. 

I am one who doesn’t really wear jewelry that doesn’t hold meaning of some sort. Sentimental jewelry aside, I chose pieces that have specific stones that signify a certain trait I want enhanced; for instance, wearing moss agate promotes centering within nature and grounding yourself whereas amethyst is a stone of the third eye and spirituality. These bracelets follow that mindset in that they not only look good, but they hold meaning, and thus, power. Each bracelet is charged with sexual energy that you can tailor to your own needs; weather that is for just yourself or you and your partner/s. 

Most of the bracelets have words on them, some more specific than others, in hopes that everyone will find something that speaks to their own sexuality. Sexuality is such a personal and nuanced thing, I want everyone to have the opportunity to express themselves in this way with my bracelets. 

Beyond that I hope it promotes taking time to slow down and clear your mind so you can feel connected to yourself as a whole person, not just mentally or bodily. You are a whole person and sex is a way to give yourself some love and release. But you won’t enjoy yourself as much if you aren’t centered within yourself.